245/60/18 falken ziex ct60 a/s brand new tires still with the labels returned my car before I got to use them my new car they dont fit I paid almost 600.00 asking 500.00 or best offer need gone asap will have no where to store.
NOS T4/Bus headlight Dimmer Relay 12V 4 Pin Can be used on 1970 T2 Bus VW p/n: 411 941 583A SWF p/n: R200.882 German NOS in Box Shipping Extra
NOS T3 Fuel Injection Fuel Filter 1968-1973 German BOSCH - No Longer Available VW part # 311 133 511C BOSCH p/n: 0 450 901 001 $15 each Shipping Extra
NOS T3 Headlight Relay 12 Volt 100 Watt Made By Hella - German Hella p/n: 91/46-3-12V VW p/n: 311 941 583B 1968-1970 Shipping Extra
NOS T3 Lock Plate Nut Hex Front Wheel To Ch. No. 315 220 883 Brand: LMB - German $2 each Shipping Extra
565ci shafiroff pro series with upgrades,bb3xo cnc'd heads,Brodix BM2017 Ported Intake,merlin block,callies crank,manley rods/w2000 bolts,je pistons,morel lifters,jessel belt,ati balancer,t/d rockers,moroso pan and pump,msd dist and wires,"the wheel" flex plate,all hdwre arp, makes over 1000hp, has 44 runs on throttle stop since brand new and 24 1/4 mile passes ,been [email protected] in a 2300...
NOS T3 Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit 311 698 181C Repair kit for tandem master cylinder 19.05 (ATE) (dual circuit brakes) From Ch. No. 312 3007 127 to 312 2028 859 From Ch. No. 312 2028 860 NOS VW Made in Germany Shipping Extra
NOS T3 Tail Pipe Part # 311 251 185 Fits 1961-71 muffler that uses the 2 piece set up Shipping extra
NOS Rubber Elbow for Single Carburetor (1961-63) Part # 311 129 581B Soft, pliable Shipping Extra
411 Wagon Rear Hatch used With script rear defrost Shipping Extra Prefer Local Pick Up
Squareback Rear Hatch Glass w/ Defrost Seal/Trim Stored in a dry attic for 20+ years Seam still supply, trim straight Shipping Extra Will ship but Prefer Local Pick up
565 bbc,8 1/4 mile runs on it,bowtie block ,receiver grooved heads,copper head gaskets,grp rods,arias lateral gas port pistons,manley springs, retainers and locks,titanium intake and exhaust valves,2.35,1.85,jessel pro series shaft rockers, and belt drive,ported dart 360 ,victor intake,4340 lightened crank,stefs external oil pump and moroso alum 7qt box pan,alum.valve covers,msd crank trigger,m...
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